Professionally certified training since 1990



We offer training in obedience (on and off leash.)

Personal protection, tracking, narcotic detection

Police attack (for Law enforcement only).

Basic Prices

Obedience – We offer two options:

Private Lessons
Each private lesson is two hours long, you are one on one with the trainer and your dog, the only group involved is the one you bring. Your dog is trained according to their personality and at their pace. The dog will learn anywhere from 2 to 4 commands during each lesson. We offer morning, afternoon and evening lessons to fit your schedule. Price $50.00 each lesson.

Resident Program
If you are too busy or don’t have the patience to do the practice work with your dog several times a day , you may choose to leave your dog here with us, we will train your dog in all the commands. When you come to pick him up you will be here for two hours so we can train you in how best to work with your pet. If you come for your follow-up lessons and apply the advice given by the trainer, your pet will listen to you just as well as they do to us. If your pet is here for 3 weeks, he will learn 11 different commands plus all the hand signals, on-leash only. Price $450.00.
If your pet is here for 6 weeks, he will learn 11 different commands plus all the hand signals, on and off leash. Price $650.00.
Each dog is kept in individual kennels, with indoor and outdoor runs.
You may come and visit your dog while he is in training. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy an afternoon with him under the shade trees in our one acre, totally fenced in training field.


Personal Protection

Your dog is trained to protect your family, yard, vehicle and home. He must have a stable temperament to start with, and be obedience trained before hand so that you have control over the dog. Every dog will be evaluated before enrolling in this program to determine suitability. If he stays with us for the training the price is $450.00. If you come for private lessons, its $50.00 per lesson.

Law Enforcement

This is a further extension of Personal Protection where the dog can be sent out after a criminal. Price $900.00

Narcotic Detection

This course is best for dogs with a great desire to play ball and a good retrieving instinct. Training will take anywhere from 2 to 4 months, with additional practice with the handler required afterward to fine tune the pair together. Prices are: $2400.00 which includes one scent, $100.00 for each additional scent.


Teaches your dog scent discrimination. Excellent for finding lost persons or even other pets. Track can be up to several days old in good conditions and dog still pick it up. Depending on the dog , training will take from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. Price is $1200.00.


If you are looking for a German Shepherd pup or young adult from working bloodlines to meet your needs give us a call we may be able to help you.


Training Pics


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